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Sure Fit Designs Canada

Shirt Master Pattern Kit

Shirt Master Pattern Kit

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Sure-Fit Designs' Shirt Kit offers customizable and tailored solutions for creating perfectly fitting shirts at home. With easy-to-follow instructions, achieve professional results. Get your perfect fit every time with Sure-Fit Design's Shirt kit.

Create your own shirt pattern that perfectly compliments your body shape with the Step-by-Step Manual and unique fashion leaflets and patterns. Expertly guide your design and sewing process with comprehensive instruction and sure-fit patterns for men and women from Sure-Fit Designs™. Ideal for individuals seeking a dart-free alternative for a personalized shirt design.

How to use this product:
Your measurements are applied to the Sure-Fit Designs™ Master Patterns.  The resulting pattern accurately reflects your body shape and circumferences.

The Step-by-Step Manual explains taking measurements & drafting a personalized pattern for shirts that reflects the wearer's body shape.  Use our fashion leaflets & patterns to make custom shirts, robes and jackets.  

The Shirt Kit contains the Master Patterns for the following:

  • Shirt Front
  • Shirt Back
  • Sleeve
  • Accessory Pieces including Collars, Collar Stand, Pockets & Cuffs
  • Leaflet Instructions - Vest designing
  • Leaflet Instructions - Large Upper Arm

28 page step-by-step fully illustrated instruction book

      What can be sewn from this pattern kit?
      Shirts for both women and men, casual jackets, coats, t-shirts. For a visual example of what you can sew from the Shirt Kit download this free

      Shirt Styles Quick Reference Guide - CLICK HERE.
      Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Styles Quick Reference Guide

      If this is your first Master Pattern purchase, you will need a Designing Stylus 

      Choose the Shirt Kit & Stylus bundle for 15% off each item separately.

      Designing Stylus




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