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Shirt Fitting Course- Digital course

Shirt Fitting Course- Digital course

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Digital Courses include unlimited access in the Sure Fit Academy

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Required to complete this course:  Shirt Kit, Designing Stylus & Tracing Vellum.  These may be purchased separately. 

Achieve the best Shirt fit with your Sure-Fit Designs™ Shirt Kit

  • Get in-depth information on sewing the perfect fitting shirt pattern.
  • 2-DVD set with 15 individual Lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content
  • Lots of close-ups
  • How to quickly add a bust dart when needed
  • Detailed steps to add piping
  • Easy to follow - Easy to understand
  • Complete step-by-step sewing construction details demonstrated
  • 38 precise Pro-Tips on Fitting & Sewing
  • Filmed in HD for detailed clarity
  • Fit & sew successfully and love the finished results
  • PLUS included a downloadable 20-pg. Instruction Guide (illus below)

Downloadable Instruction Guide includes:
Lesson Outline

  • Pro-Tips
  • Sleeve Placket - Continuous Lap instructions
  • Fashion Leaflet - Camp Shirt with Piping
  • Fashion Leaflet - Women's Cargo Jacket

15 Lessons include:
1: Introduction
2: Measuring your body accurately
3: Drawing Shirt Back
4: Drawing Shirt Front
5: Drawing the Sleeve pattern
6: Drawing the Accessory Pieces
7: Fabric Choice, Layout, Cutting & Marking
8: Detailed Sewing Construction Steps: Part 1 & 2
9: 1st Fit Try-on & Evaluation
10: Refinements & Minor Tune-Ups
11: How to Add a Bust Dart
12: 2nd Fit Try-on & Evaluation
13: Designing with the Shirt Kit
14: How to Add Piping
15. Conclusion
Also includes refinements & minor tune-ups for:

  • Shoulder Asymmetry
  • Tight Neck
  • Rounded Back
  • Protruding Shoulder Blades
  • Sloping Shoulder
  • Square Shoulder
  • Forward-thrusted Shoulder
  • Narrow Upper Chest
  • Narrow or Broad Back
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