Tracing Vellum 24” wide x 10 yd long

Tracing Vellum 24” wide x 10 yd long

  • $25.95

Those who use this medium as a tracing 'material' absolutely love it! This 'paper' is totally see-through, yet strong enough to withstand the use of an eraser. Use pencil to draw off your personalized pattern, but if you need to erase any pencil marks, off they come with the tracing vellum maintains its' stability and integrity.


  • Naturally highly transparent and made from 100% pure cellulose fibre without the use of transparentising chemicals.
  • Unlike resin-impregnated translucent paper, our vellum is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. 
  • Manufactured from Elemental Chlorine Free & Total Chlorine Free wood-pulp from well managed & renewable forest sources that have been certified as FSC or FSC controlled wood.
  • A smooth finish makes it easy to draw & erase on, manipulate & fold.

The Tracing Vellum can be used both lengthways and widthways for minimal wastage. Use with a pencil and you will be able to erase mistakes easily.