Designing Stylus & Designer's Companion Duo (20% Discount)

Designing Stylus & Designer's Companion Duo (20% Discount)

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The Sure-Fit Designs Designing Stylus is the KEY to this fitting , sewing and designing system. It is required for drawing off all of the Sure- Fit Designs pattern curves. In one specialized tool, this drawing ruler has on it all the curves of your body giving you great fit. It is a 'MUST-HAVE' tool in order to draw these patterns . Manufactured from a sturdy plastic material, this drawing/designing tool provides:

  • Hip curve

  • Front Crotch Curve for pants

  • Back Crotch Curve for pants

  • Neck curve

  • Arm hole curves for Dress and Shirt Kits

  • PLUS a straightedge

  • 5/8"(1.6cm)seam allowance slots allowing for easy seam allowance addition

  • can be successfully used to correct the 'fit' of your commercial sewing patterns.

You simply can't ask for more...all your body curves represented on one unique drawing ruler,