2020 Workshops / 1-on-1 Fit & Sew Day with Anna

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1-on-1 Fit & Sew Day with Anna

Fitting problems?  We have the solution!

A day personalized exclusively for you.
You choose the date! You choose the fitting topic! Solve those pesky fitting issues!



Date: You choose – what works for your schedule?

Time: 9:00AM to 5PM

Location: Sure-Fit Designs Private Sewing Studio in Calgary


What’s Included:
* 1, 2 or 3 days of private and intensive with Anna (1-on-1)
* Anna’s undivided attention
Pattern drawing/drafting experience with Sure-Fit Designs™
* Learn/do/experience what you want within this 8 hr time frame
* Pattern custom fit to your needs
* Test garment construction with Sure-Fit Designs™
* Test fabric
* Tracing Vellum for onsite pattern work
* Threads & project-required notions
* Use of a Sewing Machine
* Use of a Serger
* Follow-up 30-min. Skype session if requested

Registration: $450 (1 day), $900 (2 days) or $1,000 (3 days) .  For inquiries  and registration for this 1-on-1 Fit & Sew Day, call Anna @ 403.701-0801 or email anna@surefitdesigns.ca