Fit & Sew Retreats

Retreat Dates 

 What happens at a Retreat?

Each Retreat will be limited in numbers, no more than 4 people. This means I give personal support to each attendee.  

You will receive individualized instruction and fitting assistance to create your 'body blueprint' from either the Dress Kit or the Pants Kit and you will get additional tips on designing from your blueprint. There will also be lectures/demos.

As a minimum attendees need to be familiar with garment sewing and have basic to intermediate skills but do not need to be experts.

If you are interested in attending, please send an email to

Sure-Fit Designs Canada Fit & Sew Retreat

Many people find it difficult to 'fit' clothes for themselves.  It can be difficult to take your own measurements or see how a garment is fitting around your back.

Getting away from the distractions of home and spending time with others who want to get the best out of the Sure-Fit Designs Fitting and Sewing System is a very rewarding experience.