Live Event

Free April 10, 2021 Live Chat

11AM Mountain Time

Join us on April 10, 2021, 11AM Mountain (please check your home time zone equivalent).

Viewing platform: YouTube - Click Here

For those of you who can't make April 10 Sleeve chat, the replay will be available on YouTube at this link CLICK HERE

For those of you who are new or already sew with Sure-Fit Designs, this will be a free informative and educational chat where we will discuss many different aspects of sleeves in relationship to fit.

**No need to register...just show up on YouTube (CLICK HERE)  at the appointed time (10AM Pacific Time USA).  Glenda the Good Stitch will be there to answer your questions.  **Check your local time zone for the equivalent time in your location.

We hope you can join us...I love chatting with you.  The chat will be available on replay at the same link. 

For questions, please contact 
CND: Anna -

Thanks for participating.  See you on Sat. April 10, 2021.  Joining and viewing is up to you.  You know the date and the time...the location is the YouTube link CLICK's up to you to show up.


Streaming Broadcast: Let's Talk Pants Perfection

 Basic Fit to Designing


*Presentation will be available until April 30th

Fit pants to any body shape and size! This broadcast is going to be a great program, designed primarily for 'newbies' who haven't yet drawn your personal Sure-Fit Designs Pants pattern (your pants blueprint), however, anyone is invited to participate.  We hope you can join us.  This broadcast will be available on replay until April 30, 2021.

Registration Required

Registration Fee:
$18.00 Canadian dollars

Gifts for Registration:
1. Pull-On Pants Design & Sew Along ($15.95 value)
2. Woven Joggers Digital Fashion Leaflet ($8.00 value)
3. Pants Designing Guide

Broadcast duration: approx. 90+ minutes

When: Saturday March 20, 2021

Software Platform: YouTube - private link will be sent to you 24 hours ahead of broadcast

Start Time: 2PM Mountain (1PM Pacific, 3PM Central, 4PM Eastern)